Marijuana Lawyers Form The Cannabis Bar Association

Legal Eagles Want To Legalize: Marijuana Lawyers Form The Cannabis Bar Association

According to an article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, one of the founders of the National Cannabis Bar Association is a San Francisco-based intellectual property lawyer named Shabnam Malek. She made the transition after seeing that there is a large demand for quality legal advice in the cannabis industry, “including how to form a company, negotiate agreements, complete license applications and comply with local and state laws.”

Malek also explained that the organization will also serve as an educational and organizational resource for lawyers. “As more and more states decriminalize or legalize cannabis — and set up their own regulatory structures — the legal conditions cannabis industry clients and their attorneys face are likely to get even more complex before they get simpler,” Malek said. “The NCBA will offer support and advocacy for attorneys working with businesses in this rapidly changing, swiftly emerging industry.”

The creation of the association is a huge step forward for lawyers, According to the article, until recently, many lawyers hesitated to get involved in pot law because they were worried about being targeted. For example, in Maine, the state’s bar association has warned lawyers that they may not be immune from legal problems if the advice they offer cannabis clients leads them to break the law. But others, like the one in California, have established cannabis-law subsections.

by TNM News June 20,2015

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