Accommodation Request to View Hearing #3 Via Live Video Link

To Whom It May Concern at the Florida Board of Medicine and Department of Health, I am a Florida resident who cannot physically attend the Florida Board of Medicine’s upcoming third hearing regarding proposed language to Standards for Telemedicine Practice, Rule 64B8-9.0141, F.A.C., which is yet to be scheduled by the Florida Medical Board.

Please complete the form below & we will update you once we get the new details for hearing #3.

By completing and submitting this form I confirm that I oppose the proposed language that would prohibit physicians from ordering cannabis by telemedicine, as the ban would impede my access to safe, quality, affordable healthcare and State-approved medical treatment. In spite of my physical limitations, I wish to participate in this upcoming rules hearing, and I formally request to to have REAL-TIME ACCESS to the hearing VIA LIVE VIDEO LINK.

Accommodation Request
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