1st Hearing Info & Results

MMJ4FLA had significant success at the first hearing listed below on Feb 3, 2017. We presented hundreds of petitions from Floridians who totally oppose the boards proposal to ban telemedicine for chronically ill medical marijuana patients in Florida.

As a result of our presentation below and your supportive petitions the Florida Medical Board adjourned the first hearing for a second hearing on April 7, 2017

We still continue to collect more petitions through this website and gather further legal advice which we will present once again at the second hearing on April 7, 2017.


Our MMJ4FLA Presentation for Florida Board of Medicine Hearing Fri Feb 3

Telemedicine for Cannabis Recommendations

The Omni Orlando Resort, 1500 Masters Blvd, Championsgate, Florida 33896

The amendment would add a new Section (5) to the Standards for Telemedicine Practice under 64B8-9.0141, F.A.C. If the proposed amendment is finalized, the regulation would state as follows: “(5) Medical cannabis or low-THC cannabis, as defined by s. 381.986, F.S., may not be ordered by means of telemedicine.”

  • 1) Florida permits telemedicine to diagnose and treat illnesses
  1. a) URI’s, UTI’s, or Rashes
  2. b) conditions or treatment thereof could quickly lead to medical complications (morbidity) or death
  • 2) Cannabis is one of the safest medicines
  1. a) No deaths
  2. b) Over-the-counter / commonly prescribed medications
    1. i) Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and Aspirin, like antibiotics, antiemetics, or steroids cause numerous deaths and morbidity worldwide
  3. c) Should be able to use technology
    1. i) Already used for diagnosing and prescribing substances with much higher risk
  • 3) Physicians in Florida are not diagnosing the patient’s condition
  1. a) submits documentation of diagnosis and recent physical exam
  2. b) Doctor is approving MMJ as an adjunct treatment
  • 4) MMJ is only legal for Floridians with debilitating conditions
  1. a) patients have limited mobility due to health and financial situations
  • 5) Placing barriers
  1. a) punishes chronically ill
  2. b) impedes access to approved medicine and compassionate care
  3. c) increases time and costs
    1. i) for patient travel and treatment
    2. ii) for medical office
      • (1) costs passed onto patients
  • 6) Risk associated with travel
  1. a) medical conditions
    1. i) epilepsy, cancer treatment, PTSD, muscle spasticity, ALS
  2. b) prescription medications
    1. i) Opiates, Xanax,
  • 7) Petitions
  1. a) Hundreds in just a week
  2. b) (Read petitions)
  • 8) Should not be geographic restrictions within Florida
  1. a) There is a paucity of knowledgeable and affordable licensed MMJ doctors
  • 9) Conclusion – Banning telemedicine for cannabis recommendations
  1. a) Will not impact safety of the process
  2. b) Creates limited healthcare access
    1. i) Costs
    2. ii) Physical ability
  3. c) Creates safety risk
    1. i) Citizens will slam Board of Med and Dept of Health with class action suit

Let’s work together to turn Florida into a leading example of Compassionate Care and industry.

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